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  • Workers Compensation Claim Oversight: Best suited for companies that do not have an internal claims department or have a desire to improve the effectiveness of their existing claims process.     


  • Live Agent: Have a VCC Certified Agent physically be part of the employee's first day at their temporary position. The Live Agent ensures the success of the onboarding process. This includes clarifying outstanding questions, interviewing immediate supervisor and reinforcing the compliance with established medical restrictions. In addition, the Live Agent will make random site visits and periodic interviews to ensure the injured employee is meeting expectations set by the employer.

  • Place-n-Pay   : Alternative Light Duty Work service program. VCC's placement service will be provided as needed case-by-case. No contracts and a flat fee that covers any placement service from inception until the employee returns to their regular job.

  • Tier Volume Pricing: Offering discounts for VCC Strategic Alliance Partners and customers with high volume light duty referral submissions. Significant savings are available on annual or multi-annual programs.  Your light duty program is price protected and adjustable if your volume should change drastically.

  • Fulfillment Program: Your company markets the program with full autonomy.  VCC will process all aspects beyond the sale (less payroll) to include the full alternative light duty placement, white label documentation, electronic timecard system, Watch-Dog Service and employee communications with a dedicated person to interact with the injured employee.

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