How to get started:

  1. Medical Release - The carrier, TPA or employer must obtain a medical release to light/transition duty from the injured employee or independent medical examiner.
  2. Employer Approval - The company agrees to assign the injured employee to an alternative light duty assignment, which supports their light duty guidelines.
  3. Referral Form and the temporary physical restrictions must be sent to the alternative light duty provider for processing and the successful placement in a suitable non-profit work assignment.

What is an alternative light duty work program?

  • Employee is placed offsite at a non-profit organization near their home.
  • Non-profit organization has the capacity to meet both the hours and the medical restrictions.
  • Once placed, a series of supporting written communication is generated and distributed.
  • A live person will validate the placement and ensure a successful onboarding process.
  • The injured employee provides the employer with proof of compliance.
  • Ongoing monitoring until the injured employee returns to their regular job.

3 Questions to ask yourself:

  1. Do you have an employee sitting at home due to a workplace injury?
  2. Why?
  3. How much will this cost your company?

At Varner Claims Consulting we recognize the value of the light duty work program, and we extend to our clients a return to work service if they cannot provide an effective light duty offering to their employees. 

US Department of Labor has documented that "return-to-work strategies and programs have traditionally been used to reduce workers' compensation costs; however, they can do much more - they can improve productivity and morale across an organization, they can save time and money and they can protect companies from loss of talent."

Lost time associated with worker' comp claims can be very costly to companies, and statistics have shown that employers who actively use an alternative light duty program benefit financially by lowering the cost of workers' comp claims.

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To Refer a case:
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Our Nationwide return-to-work program is ideal for any industry that has limited or no in-house light duty work opportunities or needs to supplement their current employer program. We utilize non-profit facilities for light duty when an injured employee has temporary restrictions and is expected to return to their pre-injury position. We excel with placements anywhere in the country including rural areas and place 93% of the cases within 24 hours of receiving a referral with the remaining within 48 hours.
Our light duty work assignment program can also be utilized in conjunction when the injured employee has permanent restrictions. This light duty work assignment provides the injured employee an opportunity to acclimate back into a work environment. VCC will accommodate both transparent and private label programs for employers and VCC's Strategic Alliance Partners.

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  The Earlier the Better!


  • Increase the opportunity for positive resolution of the claim.

  • Avoid the replacement and training costs of hiring a new employee.

  • Retain the services of your valuable trained employee.

  • Reduce the temporary total disability (TTD).

  • Promote quicker recoveries.

  • Reduce medical expenses.

  • Employee maintains the relationship with the employer.

  • Employee improves their financial wellbeing.

Alternative Light Duty Return to Work P​rogram

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