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Additional Oversight Opportunities

  • Develop or Enhance the Return-to-Work Program (RTW)
  • Analyze & Develop Claims Procedure Manual
  • ​Examine the Effectiveness of Claims Handling
  • Provide Cost Containment Solutions

Claims Oversight

Workers Comp Oversight 

Varner Claims Consulting (VCC) This service is best suited for companies that do not have a claims department and/or have a desire to improve the effectiveness of their existing claims process. VCC will provide Claims Oversight for each loss time case on at a minimum of a monthly basis. The goal of the WC Claim Oversight is to assist in the reduction of costs plus provide solutions to move claims forward to closure. We act on behalf as an advocate of the Employer and protect the financials on each Workers Comp case. 
The review will address the following key points of interest on each claim and upon approval would be directed to the Claim Adjuster: Compensability, AWW Support, Investigation, Subrogation, Indemnity, Medical, Expense Areas, Current and Projected Reserves. Historically we have observed a lack of documentation on many cases supporting how the Comp Rate was determined providing an opportunity for recovery where the Carrier is liable.
VCC has pinpointed duplicate medical bills and unrelated charges, which represent hard/soft leakage and additional recovery opportunities. Your Companies’ investment is determined on the number of of actual/projected lost time claims.